Outbound Calling

    Preview and predictive dialer

    STUCC lets you choose the right dialing method for your campaign.

    • Prepare yourself for the upcoming conversation with preview dialing. This is especially useful when calling B2B.
    • or
    • Call in a most time-efficient manner with predictive dialing.
      Finetune the predictive dialer to your liking - configure compliance rules and decide how many simultaneous call attempts shall be made.

    With STUCC you can prioritise contacts according to any kind of freely defined criteria. This allows you to achieve an optimal adress usage.

    Your own caller ID(s)

    Regulation in some markets requires you to make calls with a visible caller ID which customers can call back. STUCC supports this. Even if you are not legally obliged, sending a valid caller ID will help build trust in your call.

    You decide:

    • no caller ID
    • one caller ID for all your company's calls
    • a different caller ID for each campaign
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