Making calls

    Users can log into with the login and password you registered them with. They will be taken straight to the Call area tab from where they can make calls.

    Note: When users first open STUCC, they need to allow their browser to access their microphone. A browser pop-up will automatically open.

    Agents can keep track of their work time and successful calls in the Statistics section at the top of the page.

    Starting a new call

    1. Choose the campaign on the top left corner
    2. Click on the icon of the Call task to get the next customer
    • If the call tasks is operating in predictive mode, you will see a spinning wheel while the dialer tries to connect the next contact. Once the contact takes the call, you will hear a Beep and a form with the contact information will open.

    • If your call task is running in preview mode, the form with the contact data will open right away. Press to dial manually.

    • If there is an incoming call waiting and the user is enabled to take it, he will hear a tone sequence and see a popup window so that he knows it is an inbound call.

    During a call

    Note: You can record the call by clicking on . Once clicked it will turn black. Click it again to stop recording.

    Finishing a call

    1. To end the call click .

    2. Important: It is crucial to update the call outcome when a call is finished.

      If another call attempt is needed..

      • .. because the customer was not available choose not available (call later) at the bottom of the page.
      • .. because the customer would like you to call back, schedule the callback by choosing callback date and time. The call result will automatically switch to follow up personally. If it is not important that you call back yourself, change the call result to call later.

      If there is no need for a call back, choose one of the final call results..

      • Choose one of the red dispositions for “declined”.
      • Choose one of the yellow dispositions for “failed”.
      • Choose one of the green dispositions for “success”.
        Note, that you have to enter all required fields.
    3. To save the call result press Save to return to the home screen, or Save and next to call the next customer right away.

    Personal callbacks

    Scheduled personal callbacks appear in a list on the right-hand side.
    A call back reminder will appear at the bottom of the page when the scheduled time is reached.

    Inbound notifications

    If agents are assigned to inbound tasks, they will see them listed under Inbound.
    Once a contact calls a number associated with an inbound task, the corresponding inbound will flash.
    In order to also be alerted of inbounds while not actively viewing the STUCC browser tab, agents can Enable desktop notifications or Enable ringing.

    Note: If inbound is present it will take precedence over outbound activities.

    Call history

    Switch to recent calls to re-open a contact recently closed.

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